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Oracle (NYSE: ORCL)


How Much Cash do the FAANG Stocks Have?

I think a group of stocks I call the NAMPOF, or NAMPOM, is an excellent alternative to the FAANG.

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Will Oracle (ORCL) make money with TikTok Global?

Oracle will get full access to TikTok’s source code and updates, Bloomberg claims.

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An Alternative to the FAANG

Thus you could buy over four shares of NAMPOF for the cost of one unit of FAANG. To elaborate, $876.46 multiplied by four is $3,543.80. Meanwhile the combined cost of FAANG was $3,779.46 on 13 September 2019.

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Software is a value investment because Oracle makes lots of money

Additionally, Oracle owns and operates a massive ecosystem that most people never see. The gigantic ecosystem gives Oracle vast amounts of value, Mr. Market cannot see.
Furthermore, Oracle claims to own over 18,000 patents worldwide. More importantly, Oracle estimates it had over one million members in 484 independent development communities in 92 countries. To that you can add the five million estimated members in the Oracle Development Community.

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Long Ideas

How Much Money is Oracle (ORCL) Making?

Oracle cannot compete with all the developer power Microsoft can access through GitHub. For example, Microsoft can flood the market with thousands of applications.

Moreover, Microsoft can “advertise” that software on the one billion Windows-powered PCs around the world. In addition, Microsoft claims there are 400 million computers running Windows 10 globally, The Verge reports.

For instance, Microsoft can introduce GitHub to hundreds of millions of users by adding a GitHub app to future versions of Windows and Microsoft Office. To explain, the GitHub will let users buy GitHub software through Windows.

Furthermore, Microsoft can offer customers a build your own software with GitHub feature. To clarify, Microsoft business or cloud customers could order new apps or features on GitHub. Then GitHub developers will bid on the creation of a custom solution.

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Crazy Stocks

NAMPOF an Alternative to Fang Stocks

You can think the NAMPOF of as a FANG for value investors. Holdings in NAMPOF are more diversified than FANG and some of them generate dividend income.

It diversifies NAMPOF because NVIDIA and Apple are hardware makers and PayPal is in finance. FANG scares me because it is almost all software based. Something I dislike about FANG is the lack of a financial stock.

Containing six stocks further diversifies. Four NAMPOF stocks; Apple, NVIDIA, Oracle, and Microsoft, are proven moneymakers.

I consider PayPal and Facebook speculative because they base their businesses on growth. However, both companies have showed the capability to generate vast amounts of cash.

I designed the NAMPOF to offer a little more than safety and income than FANG at a comparable rate of growth.

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Good StocksOpportunities

How Much Money is Oracle Making?

Shockingly, Oracle is also a good dividend stock. Oracle investors received a 19¢ payout on 31 July 2018. That payout was a 4¢ increase over 2017 when investors received 15¢ a quarter.

Importantly, Oracle has reported six straight years of dividend growth. Oracle investors enjoyed a dividend yield of 1.58%, an annualized payout of 76¢ and a payout rate of 24.9% on 17 August 2018.

Therefore, Oracle has two obvious advantages to Alphabet as a stock. It is cheaper, and it pays a dividend. Oracle by than Google for average people seeking a growth stock.

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Good Stocks

The Incredible Value at Oracle

Larry Ellison’s formula for generating all that cash is the same as Warren Buffett’s: float.

If you are looking for a value stock in technology that can make a lot of money, Oracle is it. Just be aware of the serious threats that fast-developing technology poses to its’ lucrative business model.

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Crazy Stocks

Is Intuit a Value Investment?

Intuit is not a value investment even though it meets some value criteria. Instead, Intuit is an overvalued stock that his headed for a collapse in price in the near future.

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Long Ideas

Is it a Big Oracle Turnaround?

This makes Oracle a classic value investment, similar to one of Uncle Warren’s favorite segments: insurance. Like an insurance company, Oracle generates and carries a lot of float.

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