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Google Tez Becomes Google Pay

The Tez rebranding is likely to convince Walmart not to accept NFC payments. Instead, Walmart will demand that Alphabet and Apple adopt QR Code.

Google Pay is likely to roll out QR Code in the United States. That will force Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) to add QR code to Apple Pay. A natural consequence of Google Pay QR Code is PayPal adopting QR Code. The addition of QR Code to Venmo is inevitable too.

The tech giants will have to go along because Walmart is on track to generate $500.34 billion (half a trillion dollars) in revenues in 2018, Statista forecast. Access to that revenue is probably what convinced Alphabet to add QR Code to Google Pay.

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Ultimate Data Storage Solution can be Future of Blockchain

If Bjerkestrand is right blockchain might be one of the digital mediums that can be stored on film at the Archive. That means it may be possible to preserve Ethereum smart contracts and cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin and ether indefinitely.

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The Big Payment App Battle: NFC vs QR Code

The real conflict in brick and mortar app payment is that there are two very different technologies in widespread use. This makes systems incompatible and effectively drives a wedge between the different companies offering payment solutions and their customers.

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Grocery Wars

Walmart Pay is far more than just a Simple Payment App

If news stories about Walmart Pay are correct; the app is an impressive piece of retail technology that puts Walmart well ahead of competitors. The new app actually gives Walmart some capabilities that even Apple Pay lacks.

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