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Is Square Making Money?

Square has the ability to dramatically increase the amount of cash flowing through the till but a hard time maintaining that cash from operations. The danger here is that cash flow is not steady, which makes it hard to generate flow, or keep the money

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Benefits of Electronic Payments

One of most notable feature of PayPal service is that it doesn’t provide as merchants online gambling websites, sports betting services. Also this payment option doesn’t have VIP program and Skrill has one. Among other differences it worth mentioning that Skrill offers 1 account per user and PayPal – 2, one for personal use and second one for business matters.

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Market Insanity

Greek Crisis Shows Limitations and Possibilities of Online Payment Solutions

It looks like Greeks are following the lead of Argentines, who already use Bitcoin to get around their nation’s cumbersome banking restrictions. If the drachma returns, it won’t be long before black money launderers that specialize in converting cash into Bitcoin start flourishing in Greece.

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Long Ideas

What Will PayPal Do Next?

Something else that is also obvious is that PayPal would be an acquisition target; purchasing it would give a large bank, retailer or credit card company access to a vast financial network and tens of millions of potential customers.

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My Thoughts

Are Digital Wallets a Threat to Banks?

The threat to banks is best shown by PayPal’s growth rate. PayPal’s mobile payment volume increased by 72% between the third quarters of 2013 and 2014, growing to $12 billion. Mobile payments now make up 20% of PayPal’s payments. Venmo, a mobile payment App offered by PayPal subsidiary Braintree, saw its payment volume grow by 50% between the third quarters of 2013 and 2014.

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Long Ideas

Apple Pay vs. Venmo vs. Square

Square has also tried to launch its own payments apps called Square Cash and SnapCash. Square Cash is a payments app similar to Venmo and Apple Pay; SnapCash is a variation of Square Cash reengineered to work over the popular social network Snapchat. In other words, it’s Square’s answer to Venmo. One difference is that it can work with merchants that use Square.

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