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What Companies will benefit from Hyperloop?

Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN) – The Everything Store is basically a logistics company and Hyperloop is a next generation logistics solution. Hyperloop One CEO Rob Lloyd has even described his company’s technology as “Amazon Prime on steroids.” Hyperloop would make Amazon more profitable by greatly reducing transportation costs while speeding up delivery times. A fulfillment center in Ohio would be able to provide same day delivery for merchandise ordered in Chicago or New York by utilizing Hyperloop.

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Grocery Wars

Ten Threats to Amazon

Netflix loses money like crazy but it has built up a global platform for delivery of digital products. A danger is that Netflix might start selling products like video games, software, insurance, or financial services in addition to video entertainment. Another is that Netflix might team up with a retailer to start selling goods through its platform. A grave danger for Amazon would be Walmart or Alibaba buying Netflix and offering a Prime type delivery and entertainment option through it.

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