First Freight Brand for Hyperloop is here

Cargo movement around many ports is slow, awkward, expensive, cumbersome, and incredibly inefficient. This limits economic development and does incredible damage to the environment; and public health because vast amounts of diesel fuel must be burned to move all that cargo.

Hyperloop can fix that because it is faster, cheaper, and cleaner. The Hyperloop is electrically-powered so no diesel fuel is needed. That eliminates pollution or at least moves it to other locations. It can operate at speeds of several hundred miles an hour which can speed up cargo movement.

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The End of Department Stores at Macy’s

We might be witnessing the end of traditional department stores at Macys’ (NYSE: M). Service and employees are being cut in stores as the iconic retailer implements a no-frill shopping model more akin to Walmart than a traditional department store.

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Daimler the German Auto Value

I have been real impressed with auto stocks for some time because of all the cash those companies generate. That

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