Hyperloop Test Track Planned in Saudi Arabia

Current plans call for Virgin Hyperloop One to build and operate the track. In addition, Hyperloop One has plans to build Hyperloop lines between Kuwait City, Ridayah, Jedda, and Muscat in Oman

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Virgin Hyperloop One gets new CEO

Virgin Hyperloop One has a new chief executive officer (CEO) with some serious experience in passenger transportation and mass transit.

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SpaceX Hyperloop Tunnel, Abu Dhabi Hyperloop, Missouri Hyperloop Planned

A lot of big news is breaking in the world of Hyperloop. Notably, Hyperloop Transportation Technologies (HyperloopTT) plans to break

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Hyperloop One will build Research Center in Spain

That might mean Hyperloop One will conduct the tests at its facility in Las Vegas, Nevada. The company might also be planning to test components at the track its archrival Hyperloop Transportation Technologies (HyperloopTT) is building in Toulouse, France.

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First Freight Brand for Hyperloop is here

Cargo movement around many ports is slow, awkward, expensive, cumbersome, and incredibly inefficient. This limits economic development and does incredible damage to the environment; and public health because vast amounts of diesel fuel must be burned to move all that cargo.

Hyperloop can fix that because it is faster, cheaper, and cleaner. The Hyperloop is electrically-powered so no diesel fuel is needed. That eliminates pollution or at least moves it to other locations. It can operate at speeds of several hundred miles an hour which can speed up cargo movement.

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Hyperloop Test Track under Construction in France

One thing is obvious; Hyperloop Transportation Technologies has found some serious financing.

The most likely source of that money is the French government, another is the aerospace giant Airbus SE (EPA: AIR); or Airbus Group, which is headquartered in Toulouse. Airbus would presumably manufacture the Hyperloop pods which would be similar in construction and design to an airliner.

This might make HTT the most serious and best-financed Hyperloop effort. Those seeking a Hyperloop stock would be well-advised to take a look at Airbus because the company is publicly-traded.

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Hyperloop is closer to Reality, is AECOM Making Money?

AECOM (NYSE: ACM) is the engineering, architecture, and construction management company that worked on the Hyperloop One track in North Las Vegas. It has also been associated with some Hyperloop proposals including one in Colorado.

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Has Hyperloop One Sold Out?

The $1 billion question here, is can Branson really help Hyperloop One? That remains to be seen because much of what Hyperloop does is far out of Branson’s experience.

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