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In individuals, insanity is rare; but in groups, parties, nations and epochs, it is the rule. Friedrich Nietzsche

Climate Change


What America Needs from the Next President

Thus we could face Great Depression level mass unemployment and civil unrest in 11 years. We need to act now before rampaging mobs of unemployed truckers and workers burn tech company campuses to the ground and hang engineers.

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Market Insanity

Climate Change is destroying Everybody’s Property Value – Even Warren Buffett’s

Companies are likely to pull out of reinsurance because of Climate Change. Under those circumstances, publicly-traded insurers are likely to go private or sell out to hedge funds.

Property owners will face rising premiums because insurance companies operating costs are increasing. Reinsurance firms like Gen Re and Aspen underwrite property and other insurance properties. Consequently, insurers will pass higher reinsurance costs onto policyholders.

In summary, sell the beachfront and forest properties now. Prices for such properties are likely to plummet as insurance costs rise.

Billionaires like Kimmel and Buffett are outliers in Climate Change losses. They can afford to take a loss on beach property, most homeowners cannot.

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Ten Threats to America’s Real Estate Market

The question to ask is not will the real-estate bubble burst, but when and how will it burst. There are many things that can pop the bubble, but 10 threats to the real estate market stand out.

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Bill Gates Organizes League of Billionaires to Fight Climate Change

Bill Gates has become a real life superhero who is out to save the world from climate change. The Microsoft

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