Is Airbus Making Money?

The Airbus subsidiary that builds airliners just happens to be based in Toulouse, France, the same city where HyperloopTT or Hyperloop Transportation Technologies is building its test track. This is not a coincidence because the Hyperloop is designed to propel large passenger and freight carrying pods through a low-pressure environment at speeds of hundreds of miles or kilometers an hour.

Airbus is already in that business, it builds pressured vehicles; jets, that are propelled through a low-pressure environment the atmosphere at speeds of hundreds of miles an hour. The difference is that HyperloopTT’s pods are designed to sit on the ground and be pushed along by a combination of magnetic levitation and electric motors. Lower pressure is achieved by sitting the pod inside a tube from which the air is partially sucked out.

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Hyperloop Test Track under Construction in France

One thing is obvious; Hyperloop Transportation Technologies has found some serious financing.

The most likely source of that money is the French government, another is the aerospace giant Airbus SE (EPA: AIR); or Airbus Group, which is headquartered in Toulouse. Airbus would presumably manufacture the Hyperloop pods which would be similar in construction and design to an airliner.

This might make HTT the most serious and best-financed Hyperloop effort. Those seeking a Hyperloop stock would be well-advised to take a look at Airbus because the company is publicly-traded.

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Why Union Pacific’s Financials are bad News for Hyperloop?

The financials for railroads like UP and the CSX; which operates historic rail lines on the East Coast, show us why Hyperloop will need your tax dollars. Privately-owned surface transportation companies simply do not generate enough cash to pay for expensive infrastructure like the Hyperloop.

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Musk Proposes Hyperloop Subway between Baltimore and Washington DC

The long-term plan is for the Loop to connect Washington DC and New York City. That would involve tunnels under Philadelphia, New Jersey, New York, and part of Delaware. Logically the line would be extended to Richmond, Virginia, Hartford, and New Haven, Connecticut, Providence, Rhode, Island, and Boston.

The Loop Project is a questionable one because Musk’s companies have no Hyperloop vehicles. There is a Hyperloop Test track at SpaceX headquarters in Hawthorne, California that has been used for competitions designed to test Hyperloop vehicles created by teams from universities.

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Hyperloop is closer to Reality, is AECOM Making Money?

AECOM (NYSE: ACM) is the engineering, architecture, and construction management company that worked on the Hyperloop One track in North Las Vegas. It has also been associated with some Hyperloop proposals including one in Colorado.

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Hyperloop and the Future of Train Travel

You may think that trains are an outdated method of transportation, but you’re wrong. In fact, trains may just be our future.

Thanks to Elon Musk, the Hyperloop is one of the first ecologically sustainable transit designs of the twenty-first century and it has a realistic potential to more than double our current fastest travel times by train.

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Hyperloop One Receives $50 million in Venture Capital

Hyperloop One is apparently in desperate straits, the unicorn nearly laid off 300 employees because it was close to running out of cash, The Los Angeles Times reported.

Hyperloop One Founder accused of Rape and Sexual Harassment

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Yes, there is a Hyperloop Think Tank

The group also plans to create an online clearinghouse for information about Hyperloop. That is desperately needed given all the confusion about the technology out there these days.

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Arrivo’s Car-Carrying Hyperloop is a Dumb Idea

If all the Arrivo system can carry is cars, why does anybody want it? Sadly enough BamBrogan’s scheme only magnifies those dilemmas. Working people would probably end up paying additional taxes in order to finance the upper class’s newest play toy. Yet they would still be stuck in traffic on a congested freeway, praying their battered old crudbucket does not break down while watching the executive’s new BMW whiz by on the High-Speed Super Urban Network.

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The True Advantages of Hyperloop

The greatest benefit of Hyperloop would be to truly democratize transportation. Our present-day transportation system is heavily skewed towards the affluent.

Wealthy people can live almost anywhere in the country and travel freely via private jets or airlines. Meanwhile many poor people; and a growing percentage of the middle class, may have trouble getting across town or commuting to work.

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